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Legacy of Hope

The sky is the limit, there is no cap. 30% of every sale you make goes to your mission/event.  There are no hidden fees, as we handle shipping and other fulfillments costs.

We track all of your sales in real time. At the end of each month, we process all of the money that is due to you via our Payout Service.  When you are approved to start a fundraiser, the first thing you will do is register for the Payout Service, which is connected directly to your bank account for efficient electronic transfers.

You are selling the best coffee Honduras has to offer, straight from the communities where we serve. Your supporters will can select from 4 different single-origin varieties, available in 12 ounce whole bean, 12 ounce auto-drip (ground) and single serve cups (coming soon):

Santa Rosa – roasted with an ultra-light profile to allow the full bright acidity to shine through.

Estrella Lenca – this is our only origin that is dried with a honey process, which means beans are sun-dried with the mucilage intact.  We roast it medium to allow keep some brightness, but not overpower the sweetness from the drying process.

San Marcos – we roast this to a darker profile than the others, removing almost all acidity.  While it is incredibly smooth, it still has an incredibly strong flavor profile.

Decaf– for drinkers looking to avoid caffeine, but still looking to enjoy a premium cup of coffee. 

We work closely with each mission partner to best address their fundraising goals and provide them with the means to do so. 

They will receive 30% of each sale, before any shipping or fulfillment costs, via secure electronic transfer to their bank account.

This is a wholly owned venture by Legacy of Hope Foundation, working in the Western mountain region of Honduras.  Each of our coffees are single origin from estates in the area where we work.

All profits from our coffee fundraising program break down as such. 30% go to the individual/organization of your choose. 57% goes to covering the cost to create the coffee. The remaining 13% goes to  fund our family-based holistic orphan care programs.

Our goal is to not replace the charitable gifts from our partners, but to alleviate our dependence on donations and grants.

Yes.  Just pick the products you want and we’ll deliver them fresh each month.  You can add, remove or change your combination products at any time. 

We offer two different subscriptions, three months and six months. Subscriptions are no different in terms of how the fundraiser is compensated; 30% of each subscription renewal goes to your individual or organization whom you are supporting. 


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